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quel genio di David Lynch

Posted on | 26 gennaio 2012 | No Comments

Questa è in assoluto la scena più inquietante che abbia mai visto al cinema. Il dialogo tra i due è incredibile. E non ho la benché minima idea del perchè mi sia venuta in mente così, all’improvviso.
“Lost Highway” (1997).
Immagine anteprima YouTube
We’ve met before, haven’t we ?
I don’t think so.
Where was it you think we met ?
At your house. Don’t you remember ?
No, I don’t. Are you sure ?
Of course.
As a matter of fact, I’m there right now.
What do you mean ? You’re where right now ?
At your house.
That’s fucking crazy, man !
Call me !
Dial your number !
Go ahead !
I told you I was here.
How’d you do that ?
Ask me !
How’d you get inside my house ?
You invited me. It is not my custom to go where I’m not wanted.
Who are you ?
Give me back my phone.
It’s been a pleasure talking to you.